Magnus Nilsson’s Cookbook

Faviken is the first major cookbook by Magnus Nilsson, the 28-year old chef whose restaurant is located on a 20,000 acre farm and hunting estate in Northern Sweden. In Faviken, Nilsson writes about how he only cooks with ingredients that are raised, farmed and hunted in the immediate vicinity of his remote restaurant. The food served at Faviken - from the dairy to the meat to the vegetables - is harvested, butchered and preserved by hand using the most natural and primitive methods possible, and Nilsson is in factor of simple cooking methods such as roasting over open coals. This approach results in the highly creative food and intense flavors of which, far from seeming traditional, are remarkable.

Elio, we need to go here and be friends with Magnus Nilsson.

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she was reborn in blood and fire
this dragon queen who wears her name is a true  t a r g a r y e n

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"There was a lot of sitting up on my own all night long battling with the puzzle this time, probably more than before. I had a dartboard in the back garden, and I’d throw arrows as I’d sit there trying to write. There was definitely some symmetry in how the words were going and where the darts would land; a fair amount of missing the board altogether brought me the occasional treble 20." — Alex on the making of AM

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Title: The Art of Peer Pressure Artist: Kendrick Lamar 18,639 plays


The Art of Peer Pressure - Kendrick Lamar


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Honestly, I love Because The Internet, but I always skip ahead to Telegraph Ave and rarely listen to the first part of the album.

whoa I LOVE that emote

It’s my go-to. It just describes me so succinctly.

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Canada, 2012Daniel Zenker

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the pit / zolloc

Title: The Fever (Aye Aye) Artist: Death Grips 250 plays


Death Grips - The Fever (Aye Aye) 
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