tramampoline replied to your post: anonymous asked:Fuck you. You ar…

what could possibly have prompted this

Most of these get deleted tbh but I just love that skateboarding dog so much. 

Anonymous asked: Fuck you. You are a stupid little bitch and you're going to fade out of existence someday. No eternal flame for you, bitch. I'm a fucking rock star, not some psycho. Fuck you. I'd kill you if I saw and recognized you, Rianna.

cool man, have a nice day


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Akira (1988) vs Stronger - Kanye West (2007)

This makes me so happy.

I love Kanye so much

thinking about kanye west cosplaying tetsuo makes my day sometimes

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Title: Triple Chrome Dipped Artist: Michna 216 plays

My music taste is so caught in the mid-2000’s, you’ll all have to go on without me, I cannot be helped.


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Title: This Boy's In Love Artist: The Presets 427 plays

This Boy’s In Love - The Presets

Title: Fall Creek Boys Choir (feat. Bon Iver) Artist: James Blake 1,401 plays
Title: Porno Artist: Arcade Fire 206 plays

Anonymous asked: Hello. I just wanted to say hi, that you seem like a nice person, and I hope you have a wonderful day/night/whatever time it is wherever you are. :)

This is such a pleasant anonymous ask, it makes me happy. Good day to you too!

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