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So about those comics.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t have enough time in the foreseeable future to be doing ‘daily comics’. I was kinda suckered into it, and I’m cool with that, but Toons has to be main priority right now.

I still love doing them, though! How about we aim for one comic a week and see what blooms? I have lots of ideas, just no time.

Baby steps, people. I love you all.

Later, Amurrca.

I have no idea what Chyna was getting at. Canadians don’t have accents.

On the plus side, anyone who wanted to come up and talk to us didn’t have to wait half an hour, I guess.


If you’ve never witnessed Mitch’s dancing, you are missing out on a beautiful thing.

Cyr is the nimblest of creatures.

I, uh, yep.

A giant whirlpool in a square pool? Solution: magic.
A human sacrifice was contemplated, but it seemed like too much work. 

We tried taking a nap at 3pm one day, and ended up eating Hot Pockets and listening to Mitch sing instead. Exhaustion party!

It was a really nice hotel, okay?

Chyna broke Meghan Tonjes’ glass once we started discussing Canadian/American politics. It was a total accident, but a hilarious one.


When a bunch of Youtubers roll in for pancakes at 4 am you can’t really expect the best service, but man that IHOP lady was nice.